EVENT: 256 Meats ‘n’ Beats

EVENT: 256 Meats ‘n’ Beats

Over the years, The Tribe Network has shared countless Ugandan songs and albums. Whether it’s an article on the site, a Tribe UG Press Play video, a review on The Tribe UG Podcast… We have shared so many songs, and oftentimes, the reaction we get is “Oh my goodness, this song is so good! How come we don’t ever hear such music anywhere?”

Luckily, for Ugandan music fans, DJ JEFAS came up with the idea of a Ugandan night that could happen monthly at The Meat Guy. As a DJ who constantly fuses Ugandan urban music into his DJ sets and a number of the mixes he curates, it just made sense to take on this idea and bring it to life with JEFAS on the decks.

On Season 2 of The Tribe UG Podcast, we partnered with The Meat Guy for our Tribe UG giveaway, where we rewarded some of our listeners with some Meat Guy goodies, so it also made sense to take that partnership to the next level by working with The Meat Guy to make this event happen.

The next step was to find the ideal hosts for the event. Hosts that are passionate about both the music and the artists that create it. Once again, it was a no-brainer! We paired The Ninja C with The Tribe UG’s The Count Markula as hosts for the night and thus, 256 Meats ‘n’ Beats was born!

A night where we can all go out and have some fun with some good Ugandan music playing, a night where you get to enjoy a number of classics while making use of your Shazam to take note of several new gems that you might not have heard before. All in all, it’s a night where we celebrate Ugandan talent and dance to Ugandan tunes while enjoying drinks and food from The Meat Guy.

The first edition was held on Wednesday 31st May 2023. A number of party people graced us with their presence, and we had a few performances from some of our favorite artists like Kohen Jaycee, Ninja C, Tucker HD, Lukas Blacc, and Rxdn3y. If you missed out, worry not, 256 Meats & Beats will return every last Wednesday of the month, and we’ll definitely have a few more surprises in store for you.

Listen to an extract from JEFAS‘ set at the first edition of 256 Meats ‘n’ Beats Below:

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