Destination: AFRICA [The-Mith]

By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)

It’s 2:00AM in the morning and I find myself navigating through pages on The-Mith’s old blog. I land on this post “MY QUOTE PROCESS” where he explains the entire process he goes through when he gets a concept. He talks about the how, when and in what way he will capture the listener’s attention when writing about a given concept. Under the hash tag #DestinationAFRICA we too intend to give you the how, when & what process of creating this album.

Destination: AFRICA is the Mith’s sophomore album and every week on Wednesday we shall be releasing an online #DestinationAfrica special edition coverage. One can easily call it the “Destination: AFRICA Documentary” but being broadcasted/streamed online. These editions will involve a lot insight on the creation process of the album thus; from the album cover release, interviews with producers on the album, exclusive release of tracks/collaborations on the album, behind the scenes of videos off the album up to the final release of the album.

How to be part of Destination: AFRICA.

Anyone can be part of it all you have to do is follow @TheMithMusic across all social media platforms & use the hash tag #DestinationAFRICA. It will also involve a lot of give-a-ways from mix-tapes to merchandise and hopefully the album. See you every Wednesday!

#Destination: AFRICA

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