Dagg Mizzo’s “Through the Valley”: Striking the Perfect Balance Between Faith & Culture.

Dagg Mizzo’s “Through the Valley”: Striking the Perfect Balance Between Faith & Culture.

Award-winning music producer and rapper, Dagg Mizzo, has established himself as a key figure in the Ugandan hip-hop scene since 2020. After the release of his debut award winning project “Kingdom Come” in May 2018, he has continued to make his presence felt in the industry through producing incredible projects for Ugandan hip-hop acts, mentoring new artists, and collaborating with others. Some of his notable collaborations include our UG Hip-Hop Lockdown collaboration we organized during the lockdown to help cope with COVID, and creating The Tribe UG Podcast theme song.

Fast forward to 2023, Dagg Mizzo released his second body of work, an EP titled “Through the Valley.” In this review, we dive into the project’s creative process, featured collaborations, and the balance it strikes between appealing to a gospel audience and listeners who may not necessarily be churchgoers.

The Creative Process and Motivation

During a chat with Dagg Mizzo, he shared that the motivation for “Through the Valley” came from a period of depression and a longing to create a new project since last year. The conviction and energy finally hit him in January 2023, and he attributed the healing energy and knowledge that inspired the project to God and the people around him.

Initially planned as a four-track EP, the creative process led Dagg Mizzo to expand the project further. As he dug deeper, more ideas emerged, and ultimately, the EP took on its current form.

Collaborations and Featured Artists

The well-placed collaborations on this project contribute significantly to its exceptional quality. “Through the Valley” features a mix of new talents like Atino and seasoned artists such as Navio, with Dagg Mizzo expressing his gratitude for their contributions. “First, I’d like to thank everyone who joined me on this project; they all played their part and executed to perfection, even some at short notice… I’m forever grateful,” says Dagg Mizzo.

He explains that as he creates a beat, he instinctively knows which artists would fit well, so he reaches out to them and hopes for a positive response. The seamless integration of these artists adds a rich diversity of voices and perspectives to the project.

Striking the Perfect Balance

“Designer bag for my girl just for the socials/”, Dagg Mizzo raps in his hit track “KA-JA” – a simple yet unexpected line for a gospel artist. Addressing this particular lyric, Mizzo explains, “It is stated in the Bible that a man should take care of his lady as much as he can… sometimes that means even spoiling her a little bit… lol.”

One of the standout aspects of “Through the Valley” is its ability to cater to both a gospel audience and listeners who may not necessarily be churchgoers. Mizzo, a born-again Christian, emphasizes the importance of being authentic and showcasing both the scars and the shine of his life. He believes that taking care of one’s partner, even if it means “spoiling her a little bit,” aligns with biblical teachings.

Rather than consciously striving to strike a balance between churchgoers and those who don’t while creating the EP, Dagg Mizzo let his lyrics and sound, as well as the energy, speak for themselves, with planning coming later. He even had to force himself to stop adding more songs to the project, as his creative drive continues unabated.


The Listening Experience

“Through the Valley” takes listeners on an emotional and spiritual journey, with Dagg Mizzo’s lyrical prowess and soulful beats shining through. The EP offers an introspective look into the artist’s life while delivering a message of hope, faith, and resilience.

Dagg Mizzo’s hopes for listeners of “Through the Valley” include encouraging them to face their demons now and celebrate later, trust God through it all, and have faith. He also advises blocking out the noise, consuming the right information, and being kind, as not everything is as it seems.

Dagg Mizzo’s “Through the Valley” EP is a powerful testament to his growth as an artist and his ability to connect with a wide range of listeners through authentic storytelling and a balanced approach to faith. As a reviewer, I found the EP to be a compelling blend of introspection, inspiration, and raw talent, showcasing Mizzo’s undeniable skills as both a producer and a rapper.

With “Through the Valley,” Dagg Mizzo has solidified his place in the Ugandan hip-hop scene, and as he continues to create and inspire, we eagerly anticipate his future projects. This EP not only highlights Dagg Mizzo’s musical prowess but also demonstrates his ability to connect with listeners from different backgrounds and beliefs. “Through the Valley” serves as a shining example of how artists can remain true to their faith while maintaining authenticity, and it is certainly an EP that will leave a lasting impression on listeners for years to come.

Stream “Through the Valley” here.

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