CRAZY (Niko Chizi)- NAVIO x KEKO [Download + Review]

CRAZY (Niko Chizi)- NAVIO x KEKO [Download + Review]

Download Crazy  Navio & Keko

As McKenzie continues to celebrate his 10years in the industry, he recruits Aethan, Navio and keko for his latest single “Crazy (Niko Chizi)” off his upcoming album “RudeBoy music”. The song aligns itself with the theme/objective of McKenzie with his album which is celebrating.
Keko comes through on the beat with an impeccable delivery which will quickly remind you why she’s UG’s number one female rapper (well, according to me) and Navio who also owns he beat comfortably and effortlessly.

Furthermore on his particular song we notice that it’s not about putting two rap heavyweights and a super producer but rather a combination of two styles that complement each other on a dope beat. With dope visuals to accompany this song has a hip-hop single off his album on continental rotation. Download the song here.

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Bryan Kella McKenzie
Twitter:  @RudeboyKella1

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