By Mubanza Haggai (@mubanza)
One always undertakes projects to get a standard they would love to become a representation of for the quality they stand for whether they are awarded for it or not but as mortal beings the feeling of one’s work being appraised does a lot to show that one’s effort has not gone unnoticed.
Nile Breweries’ idea to award the effort of people in the music video industry who serve the Ugandan public with whichever music videos was the first of its kind in the country and the music industry appreciatively  wishes it becomes an annual event,  it may save us from the highly tasteless videos roaming on our TV stations because mindless of how pricy a musician’s video was/is, the Club Music Video Awards raised the bar for the music industry to step up their creativity in the making of music videos which is good for our musicians to compete at large with Nigerian, South African and other African videos.
Some musicians have always put in effort to have MTV Base quality videos, all the night’s winners were deserving because an artist like Navio who always has creativity injected into his videos deserved to feel proud of his work , GNL’s Power turned the experimentation notch up for the industry and some thinking outside the box.
Musicians always point out how making a nice video is expensive but truth be told we have some seriously lacking creativity from the concerned parties therefore they need to do research and invest time in improving their videos. The CMVAs came like cold water poured on a sleeping soul for the concerned parties to wake up and release good quality material so the fans hope to see better music  videos in the future.
Congratulations to all the CMVAs winners, keep up the good work and make it better.
“Pain is temporary, film is forever”
DISCLAIMER: The opinions herein this article are not of the company but an individual.
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