By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)  

“Dope Track After Drop Track/
We Keep Moving That Audio Opium…”
Tucker HD (Public Service Announcement)

It only felt right I started this song’s (#Campu) review with those bars. Tucker is at it again on his #TuckerTuesday, moving that audio opium from BURN now to #Campu (dope track after track). Campu Life is produced by Sam Lamara a.k.a The Samurae of Talent Africa and artwork developed by Frank Whizzer. The art work gives you a quick preview of what you going to listen to, a rolex on the side, pen-books and shs.1000 notes. Campu Life focuses on those campus stories that everyone who has been to campus has at least gone through. Tucker goes ahead to lay down hard bars proving his lyrical strength as he is also sending a message on different topics like AIDS rise among students.

Good job Tucker and The Samurae, I give you (rate) four ROLEXES out of five (4/5).

See song lyrics below:

From Olympia, Valley Courts, to Nana, Ark & Akamwesi
The campus nightlife’s a Straka Mwezi
8 to noon, tweeting, whatsapping in the lecture room
The hardest part about tests? Sitting next to whom?
Guys talking slick, tryna lead your friends on
99% of those? They keep them in the friendzone
She’s something that you could have son, not that you are bad
You’re sweet but can’t compete with her sugar-dad
Outside her hostel, probably donning a Rolex watch
And your meal-time’s your only Rolex, watch
You got game but no match, its real evident
Walking that talk, like I should run for Guild President
Papers the next day, party the entire night
Leave for class, pull our pens out then we firefight
Sexual network, affection leads to sex and
Rather than risk infection, some opt to use protection
Listen please, while you split some trees, beers and pleasantries
AIDS is on the rise like tuition fees
This life aynt a joke, without money, how funny
Some after heights, and some jumping off the balcony
The sextapes, folks do what they’re determined to do
Lecturers striking, their payrise from the government due
Through it all you gotta focus, you don’t plan to see
Your Graduation turn into a Dark Twisted Fantasy..

MUBS waddup? MUK waddup?
MUBS waddup? Nkozi waddup?
I C U all in UCU
You know the rest, it’s The Taxi
Yeah, you aynt gotta ask me
Got Martha Smallz in the backseat
She just like it like that, see?
With LL this The Taxi, I’m OUT!

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