By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)

On the 29th of this month Baboon Forest head Bigtril will be dropping his first
official album at club venom (entrance UGX 20,000 just). I caught up with him and we discussed a lot of things about his album, the state of hip-hop in Uganda as a genre and this is how it all went down.

Qn: What’s good boss? First, things first you announced a mix-tape last year “Dreams 2 Reality” but the fans waited but you never dropped it, what happened?

All is good, just wrapping up the album. About the mix-tape we discussed as a
label and we decided to pull it back, because me as BIGTRIL as an artist I’m past the level on a mix-tape. We felt that I was ready for an album so we held it back, but the music is available online people can download it.

Qn: Okay, let’s discuss WHITE SHADOWS the album; is there any inspiration
behind the title of this album?

White Shadows is my first studio album dropping 29th November. White shadow
is more of like a movement I don’t want to live in the dark (back) no more i just
want a white shadow (the brightness). Basically when you listen to the song
White Shadows” you will know what I’m talking about.

Qn: Let’s dive into the craft and making of the album, how many tracks are on
the album on collaborations?

Basically this album has 12tracks with collaborations from artists like Evon (inside outside), Fille, Keko, Toniks, Dreign and others. Different producers have been able to contribute to its making like Sam Lamara, Dreign and others.

Qn: Sometime last year on a certain radio interview I heard that you had
collaboration with Ice Prince which you didn’t mention among the features on
this album what happened. I also realized that your album has few rappers what
are you getting at?

Yeah, the collaboration with Ice Prince is still in works due to the time difference
we have as artists and it will feature on the next album, in fact there are a lot of
international features that will be on my next album like Stella Mwangi and
others. My album has few rappers because I wanted it to be a Bigtril album; I just wanted to own it basically.

Qn: On this album you relax a bit, kill a few commercial tracks here and there,
what happened to the Bigtril on tracks like Drain Me Dry, Straka Money and the

On this album I went “Trizzy-Trizzy”, I just wanted to create an album that all
people can easily enjoy and have fun. I still bring back the hard core BigTril on
tracks like Boda-Boda Swag. Secondly, when you’re on a record label you have to loosen up a bit and make more money.

Qn: How much is the album going to cost and where can the fans get it from?

The album will cost UGX 15000 (12tracks) and in a month’s time the Deluxe
Version will be released (15tracks) and also a DVD of the album will be released.
The album will be available everywhere in all shops like Nakumatt, Garden City, music land and other shops that will be communicated.

Qn: Comment on the current state of Ugandan Hip-hop.

I think the Ugandan hip-hop right now has a future, I mean you have the old
school people like Babaluku, Mith, Navio doing their thing, then you have artists like me and the new school rappers. Literally the future is bright because artists are being nominated at the Channel O awards like Navio, Keko. I do believe the future is bright and we headed in the right direction.

Qn: Lastly give us your top 5 Ugandan rappers that are not from Baboon Forest

Without baboon forest entertainment that’s hard but in no specific order my top
 5 Ugandan rappers are; Keko, Enygma, The-Mith, Navio and Ruyonga.

Tomorrow Bigtril will be answering questions from the fans via his twitter account @BIGTRILKAIZA, from 2-4PM. Just tweet your question “@BIGTRILKAIZA , @TheTribe_UG” and use the the hash tag #WhiteShadows.  

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