REVIEW: Badmind – Flex D’Paper, Gaza, Tkon Preezy, TTK, The Hommie, Kvan

REVIEW: Badmind – Flex D’Paper, Gaza, Tkon Preezy, TTK, The Hommie, Kvan

“Badmind” is a posse cut that masterfully fuses hip-hop with dancehall, resulting in a distinctive blend that will undoubtedly grace your Ugandan urban music playlist. The track showcases the talents of Flex D’Paper, Gaza, Tkon Preezy, TTK (Those That Know), The Hommie, and Kvan, with Flex D’Paper taking center stage. As a seasoned artist, Flex D’Paper utilizes this collaboration to pave the way for emerging talent across various genres, providing a platform for acts under his “KONKRETE JUNGLE” imprint.

In “Badmind,” Flex D’Paper introduces The Homie as a member of Konkrete Jungle in addition to the  award-winning Masaka rapper St. Maxi Mayne, both of whom are strong contenders as leaders of the new school. Additionally, the song’s visuals serve to expand the reach of Flex’s “Rapaholix Wear” brand, as we see him, alongside The Homie and Kvan, all clad in Rapaholix merchandise.

The production, helmed by Flex’s long-time collaborator Mio Made, showcases his music brand “Paper Town,” which houses Tkon, Gaza, and other artists from Mutungo and Luzira. The track is marked by exceptional talent from all involved. Gaza, a passionate boda boda rider turned musician, penned the catchy hook and delivers a compelling first verse. TTK (Those That Know) shines with a standout performance, further solidifying his growing presence in the industry following his appearance on Dagg Mizzo’s recently released EP, “Through The Valley.” Amidst dancehall verses and Jamaican patois, The Hommie holds his own with his verse, calling out rappers “working all their lives for a salary.”

The visuals for “Badmind” embrace a gritty, ghetto aesthetic, featuring the artists donning iconic Air Jordans and Yeezys, which creates a striking contrast between their surroundings and the fusion of fashion and lifestyle they embody.

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