By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)

The first time I heard Play01’s work was during the interview I did with JB about his Game Thrones mixtape. Most of the joints on the mixtape were produced by him; so I had to go out and look for more of his work and that’s when I landed on videos of him doing beats in minutes and tracks like DUNG which featured him, A-Pass & JB (I think this song/video was slept on, it’s dope) which introduced me to Play01 the rapper whom one could easily track his progress as a rapper cause all of the videos he has on his YouTube channel.

Play01 is an all-round music head who produces, raps and edits videos which puts him in total control of his music creation up to its final execution as evidently seen in St. Nelly Sade’s cypher and his latest project Bad Manners. According to play he is inspired by musicality, creativity and creating non-existent sounds and emotion more than respecting the rules of music and at the end of every song he creates he has to see the musicality in it so as to know what borders he is intending to create.

Now let’s get to Bad manners the song. The execution of this song, caught my attention the first time I listened to it. Like most play songs it’s produced, written and performed by him. The beat features a sample of a local Ugandan song “vvamukweebaka” which clearly shows Play01’s producing skills are of top notch. The lyrics on the song are easy and catchy accompanied with some witty punchlines and a smart delivery. Bad manners is basically about the bad habits people embrace or follow in life or in random relationships.

You can download the song here; Enjoy the Video!

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