By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)
After the “No Other” release back in March, Sonny is back with “All About You” whose story line is based on a true story. All about you was officially released on 23rd August and it premiered as Sonny’s first solo project. Mostly, we have listened to her on features or on tracks where she features people like Essie, Benny Black Ciddy & others.
On a Lawraid Vybz crafted beat, Sonny melodically croons across a solid R&B beat with her lyrics that will make you stay to listen. It’s no surprise that whenever Sonny gets on a track, you will get the best of her, which shows that she knows her way around making a great sound.
She’s always on her A-game no matter the project be it a hip-hop track or one of her R&B ballads which makes you look forward to her next project. She’s already working on three other projects but for now, it’s all about you. Enjoy! [Download]

Connect with Sonny:
Facebook: Sonny Soweez
Twitter: @Sonny_Soweez
Instagram: @SonnySoweez

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Facebook:Byaruhanaga Felix
Twitter: @TheNinjaFelix 

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