The Tribe UG is a subsidiary of Skyline Media & Management Limited based in Kampala, Uganda.

The Tribe is Uganda’s premier hip-hop and urban culture online platform that delivers spanking new Ugandan hip-hop/contemporary music, videos, music content daily and urban culture content to Ugandans by exposing remarkable artists and their materials from the fast growing Ugandan music industry to Ugandans around the world.

Nominated as the best entertainment site at the 2015 and 2016 social media awards, The Tribe UG was started as a blog in 2013 (thetribeug.blogspot.com), then evolved on to be a “.africa” and continues to offer a platform where Ugandan music lovers access, listen, stream and give their opinions on Ugandan music anywhere and anytime. The Tribe UG is dedicated to the readers every need as it offers an industry insider look into hip hop and Uganda’s urban culture.

The Tribe UG was created in a boring lecture and started as a blog (www.thetribeug.blogspot.com) as a result of
need to explore/package/present Uganda’s hip-hop/urban culture to the world. Unlike many other entertainment sites and publications, one of The Tribe UG’s aim is to introduce the world to those up and coming in the industry. The Tribe
UG’s goal is to create a community where artists, producers and fans can connect and discuss the latest content and trends coming from across the continent and diaspora.

With the mantra, “If We Don’t Tell Our Stories, No One Will”, The Tribe UG offers exclusive interviews with some of the most stylish, trendsetters, rappers, artist and entrepreneurs in the industry. With each and every post/article on the site the fans are given the opportunity to delve into the lives and artistic brains of their favorite hip hop heavy weights. Its backstage passes to some of Uganda’s best concerts, parties, and elite events, The Tribe UG leaves out no star studded event.

With a monthly magazine focusing on Ugandan hip-hop and its elements, in 2016 The Tribe UG embarked on organized the first Ugandan hip-hop awards, the first of their kind in the East African region and the second on the continent. The awards seek to recognize the best in the hip-hop industry, introducing new artists and those challenging the norms in our society with their music and other elements if hip-hop.