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One of the questions that were asked on last week’s #AskCODE edition  was what’s CODE’s next project and when is it dropping, which he answered to by saying that on 17th Of this month he’s dropping his next single that features A-Pass (@APassMusic). A-Pass has been on the urban music scene (especially in the hip-hop circles) for a while and he has already worked with artists like JB, PlayOne (On Dung), Patrobas(On My Flair) and The-Mith (On Take Time Off). So on this week’s #CODEConnect we decided to link up with A-Pass to talk his musical journey and CODE’s “ENTER THE RING”

QN: Who is A-Pass?

A-Pass is a Uganda reggae and dance-hall artist.
“Yah mi know”

QN: More about yourself, what are the top 5 things we need to know about A-Pass?
  • A-Pass goes by the name Bagonza Alexander.
  • He is a music producer and a music coach.
  • A-Pass loves to sing Earth Music and that’s the music of love.
  • I treasure and respect people irrespective of who they are.
  • A-Pass is a humble and God-fearing christian (under no specific category)
QN: How would you describe your style of  music?
My style of music is patented; that means I’m original authentic. I would say it’s a mixture of  dance-hall, Reggae, RnB and Hip-hop.
QN: Four genres in one?! That’s very unique. Now we all know you for “Tetubatya”. You literally have the whole of kampala singing, Tetubatya. We need to know; What inspires an A-Pass track?
Tetubatya uhhhhm, A-Pass has no inspiration to write a song in terms of what I hear around town but I will say I am inspired by nice beats, if a beat is sick….You know, mummy wants food so the “chicken afi dead”…Lol

QN: Your feature on CODE’s upcoming single, ENTER THE RING. Tell us more about that.

Uhhhm about ENTER THE RING I was sent this amazing beat by CODE and he wanted me on the hook and when I listened I was like OMG….I told him I’m up for it so we did it. I realize after he explained it to me that this is NOT your average type collabo. Dis is something fi everyone to relate to. If you always felt like an underdog and you want to step  into the ring with the big dogs, this is for YOU.
QN: What can we expect from this fusion of Hip-hop and Reggae?
(smiles) Expect FIRE!

QN: Tell us about the studio session. What was it like  working with CODE?
It was so professional because we both are professionals, it was great to work with him and Samurae on the record.We did it on a Saturday I think…..Bless to the producer, Josh SB.
QN: Any last words to the Fans/Audience?
I love all my fans so much they make me want music more and more.
Thank you for your time A-Pass.
Blessed Love Bredda.
Look out for CODE’s new single ENTER THE RING featuring A-Pass dropping this month!
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Twitter: @APassMusic

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