By Byaruhanga Felix(@TheNinjaFelix)

Following the theme of ‘Building a bridge from cultural heritage to modern art’ Uganda Christian University 3rd year industrial art finalists were supposed to create and show case art pieces ranging in ceramics, paintings, sculptures and computer graphics at their annual art exhibition. The exhibition ran for 3days (31st July-1st August) in which the students showcased creative talent in art and design.
Today modern styles and cultural styles of art exist side by side and sometimes mingle with each other in a process of mutual assimilation and re-invigoration. The artists at the exhibition were supposed to show that mutual existence of modern and cultural art in the different designs and art pieces show cased. UCU Students showed a deep development in artistic developments both as spectators and as practitioners. Painting and drawing are unusually popular spare-time pursuits. An art piece at this exhibition (to be specific a painting) would go for around $100 and above that’s if you aren’t a student. Since it was an art exhibition I’m going to do less typing and let the pictures do the rest. I would like to thank Kreative Adz for such an organized event and the invite; it was a successful event and a humbling experience to learn from.

No painting or picture is attached to this article without the permission and consent of the painter.
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